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We are proud to tell our clients, we can supply full series parts of Shantui

We have stocked a complete range of Shantui Bulldozer parts, Komastu Undercarriage parts, and different hydraulic pump for Chinese made and foreign brand’s excavator. We supply aftermarket pumps, and orginal pumps. This time, our old client from Tanzania has ordered two full set of track roller, guide wheel, blade, side cutter, ripper for Shantui TY320, TY220, TY160, TY130 bulldozer.

We are proud to tell our clients, we can supply full series parts of Shantui, including: Shantui bulldozer parts, Shantui wheel Loader parts, Shantui road Roller spare parts, Shantui forklift etc.


Inventory management is an important cornerstone of the development of the spare parts market, and it is also a “sword” of its mixed feelings. The integration of advanced inventory management methods is an important means for the mature development of the spare parts market. The gap in inventory management and utilization has also exacerbated the conversion of benefits between elephants and ants. In the spare parts business, many spare parts stores can easily develop a high-quality inventory, marketing and service method. A small amount of parts for several categories, such as engines, hydraulic parts, chassis parts, oil products, etc. It is easier to manage inventory if there are fewer categories. They choose parts with a faster turnover rate to put them in inventory, and the store is located on an accessory street, so that it is convenient to provide one-stop service for users’ parts procurement needs and meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

In contrast, due to the after-sales service responsibility of the equipment, the parts category of elephant inventory is usually more than 10 times that of Ant, and the category of parts inventory is also very scattered. Our company uses professional inventory planners and inventory management software to control sluggish inventory. So as not to cause a lot of waste



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