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Turbochargers for Cummins spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand turbochargers, Chinese JMC FORD engine Turbocharger , Chinese WEICHAI Engine Turbocharger , Chinese Cummins Engine Turbocharger , Chinese Yuchai Engine Turbocharger , Chinese Cummins Engine Turbocharger , Chinese JAC Engine Turbocharger , Chinese ISUZU Engine Turbocharger, Chinese Yunnei Engine Turbocharger , Chinese Chaochai Engine Turbocharger , Chinese Shangchai Engine Turbocharger .

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Turbochargers are commonly used on truck, car, train, aircraft, and construction equipment engines. They are most often used with Otto cycle and Diesel cycle internal combustion engines.


Rotor is the key component of turbocharger. In addition, the turbocharger also includes the necessary bearing device, lubrication and cooling system, sealing and heat insulation device, compressor housing, intermediate housing and turbine housing and other fixed parts for normal operation. Choosing high quality turbocharger is very important for engine. We supply original and aftermarket engine turbocharger for your option.




1. We supply both original and aftermarket products for you

2. From the manufacturer to the customer directly, saving your cost
3. Stable stock for normal parts
4. In Time Delivery Time, with competitive shipping cost

5. Professional and on time after service 




Carton Boxes, or according to clients’ request.

Advantages: the biggest advantage of turbocharging is that it can greatly improve the power and torque of the engine without increasing the engine displacement. When an engine is equipped with a turbocharger, its maximum power output can be increased by about 40% or even more than that without a turbocharger.

Use and maintenance of turbocharged engine

the use and maintenance of turbocharged engine becomes particularly important.

1. You can't drive as soon as you start the car

After the engine is started, especially in winter, it should be allowed to idle for a period of time, so as to let the lubricating oil fully lubricate the bearing before the supercharger rotor runs at high speed. So just start must not bang accelerator, in order to prevent damage supercharger oil seal.

2. Don't turn off the engine immediately after parking

After the engine runs at high speed for a long time, it should run at idle speed for 3-5 seconds before stalling. The sudden shutdown of the running engine will cause the oil in the turbocharger to overheat and damage the bearing and shaft. In particular, it is necessary to prevent sudden flameout after slamming the accelerator. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle with turbocharger must follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay great attention to the quality of engine oil. It is not suitable to treat the vehicle with turbocharger as an ordinary vehicle.

3. Pay attention to the timing of oil selection

Because of the function of the turbocharger, the working intensity of the engine is increased. Therefore, in the selection of turbocharged car oil, the oil used must have good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high film strength and good stability.


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