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Idler for bulldozer spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand. SHANTUI Bulldozer SD16 Idler, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22 Idler, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD32 Idler,
HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Idler,HBXG Bulldozer T140 Idler, HBXG Bulldozer TY165 Idler , HBXG Bulldozer TY230 Idler, HBXG Bulldozer SD6N Idler, HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Idler, HBXG Bulldozer SD8N Idler, HBXG Bulldozer SD9N Idler,
XCMG Bulldozer TY160 Idler,XCMG Bulldozer TY230 Idler,XCMG Bulldozer TY320 Idler,SEM Bulldozer SEM816 Idler,SEM Bulldozer SEM822 Idler
LIUGONG Bulldozer B110 Idler,LIUGONG Bulldozer B160 Idler,LIUGONG Bulldozer B230 Idler,LIUGONG Bulldozer B320 Idler,PENGPU Bulldozer PD140 Idler,PENGPU Bulldozer PD165 Idler,PENGPU Bulldozer PD220 Idler,
PENGPU Bulldozer PD320 Idler, PENGPU Bulldozer PD410 Idler, ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD160 Idler,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD220 Idler,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD230 Idler, DADI Bulldozer MD32 Idler, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Idler, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Idler, DADI Bulldozer MD16 Idler

Because there are many kinds of accessories, we can't display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific accessories.



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Carton Boxes, or according to clients’ request.


Working principle of bulldozer Idler

Working principle: Use a grease gun to inject the grease into the grease cylinder through the grease nipple, so that the piston extends out to push the tension spring, and the Idler moves to the left to tension the track. The top tension spring has an appropriate stroke. When the tension is too large The spring is compressed and acts as a buffer; after the excessive tension disappears, the compressed spring pushes the Idler to the original position, which can ensure the sliding along the crawler frame to change the wheel distance, ensure the disassembly and assembly of the crawler, and reduce the walking process To avoid the derailment of the rail chain.

Causes of damage to the Idler of the bulldozer

The main reasons are as follows:

1. The bimetal sleeve sliding bearing of the Idler is out of tolerance in different axial degrees, and the crawler will cause vibration and shock. Once the geometric size is out of tolerance, the clearance between the Idler shaft and the sleeve will be too small or no gap, and the thickness of the lubricating oil film will be insufficient or even no Lubricant film.

2. The surface roughness of the Idler shaft is too poor. There are many metal ridges on the shaft surface, which destroy the integrity and continuity of the lubricating oil film between the shaft and the sliding bearing. During operation, a large amount of metal wear debris will be produced in the lubricating oil, which will increase the surface roughness of the shaft and the bearing, and the lubrication state will become more and more deteriorated, causing serious wear of the Idler shaft and the sliding bearing.

3. The original structure has defects. The lubricating oil is injected from the screw plug hole at the shaft end of the Idler, and then gradually fills the entire cavity. In actual operation, if there is no special oil injection tool, it is difficult for the lubricating oil to pass through the circuitous cavity in the Idler under the action of its own gravity. The gas in the cavity is not discharged smoothly, and it is difficult to fill up the lubricating oil. The oil filling space of the original machine cavity is too small, resulting in a serious shortage of lubricating oil.

4. The lubricating oil in the gap between the Idler shaft and the shaft sleeve cannot take away the heat generated by the bearing operation because there is no oil passage, which causes the operating temperature of the bearing to rise, the viscosity of the lubricating oil to decrease, and the thickness of the lubricating oil film to decrease.

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