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Vibration Exciter for bulldozer spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand. SHANTUI Bulldozer SD16 Vibration Exciter, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22 Vibration Exciter, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD32 Vibration Exciter,
HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Vibration Exciter,HBXG Bulldozer T140 Vibration Exciter, HBXG Bulldozer TY165 Vibration Exciter , HBXG Bulldozer TY230 Vibration Exciter, HBXG Bulldozer SD6N Vibration Exciter, HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Vibration Exciter, HBXG Bulldozer SD8N Vibration Exciter, HBXG Bulldozer SD9N Vibration Exciter,
XCMG Bulldozer TY160 Vibration Exciter,XCMG Bulldozer TY230 Vibration Exciter,XCMG Bulldozer TY320 Vibration Exciter,SEM Bulldozer SEM816 Vibration Exciter,SEM Bulldozer SEM822 Vibration Exciter
LIUGONG Bulldozer B110 Vibration Exciter,LIUGONG Bulldozer B160 Vibration Exciter,LIUGONG Bulldozer B230 Vibration Exciter,LIUGONG Bulldozer B320 Vibration Exciter,PENGPU Bulldozer PD140 Vibration Exciter,PENGPU Bulldozer PD165 Vibration Exciter,PENGPU Bulldozer PD220 Vibration Exciter,
PENGPU Bulldozer PD320 Vibration Exciter, PENGPU Bulldozer PD410 Vibration Exciter, ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD160 Vibration Exciter,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD220 Vibration Exciter,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD230 Vibration Exciter, DADI Bulldozer MD32 Vibration Exciter, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Vibration Exciter, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Vibration Exciter, DADI Bulldozer MD16 Vibration Exciter

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Carton Boxes, or according to clients’ request.

Daily maintenance and repair of high-frequency screen vibrator (practical operation teaching plan) Baidu 1. The working principle of the vibrator is equipped with a driving shaft and a driven shaft in the vibrator box. Each shaft end has a pair of unbalanced weights of the same weight ( Pendulum block), the power drives the driving shaft to rotate, and the driven shaft rotates relatively and synchronously through the gear pair, and the centrifugal inertia force generated when the unbalanced weight rotates is used to make the vibrator generate a directional excitation force. By adjusting the swing speed of the pendulum and the number and position of the breeding plugs, the swing weight of the pendulum can be changed to adjust the size of the excitation force and the working torque. The sealed box is filled with gear oil to lubricate and dissipate the gears and bearings, ensuring smooth transmission and reliable operation.



Vibration exciter installation:

1. Preparation for installation and inspection:

Check the appearance of the exciter: whether there are unqualified defects, check whether the appearance dimensions of the mating plug, locating pin, and mounting bolts and nuts are the same as those of the exciter used on site (adjust and adjust according to the exciter plug method used on site Remove the plug).

2. Remove the transfer clamp of the eccentric block of the exciter, turn the swing block of the exciter, check whether the rotation is flexible and free of noise, and then re-fix the transfer clamp after confirming that it is normal. The transfer clamp cannot be removed during the lifting process to prevent Accidental rotation during hoisting damages gears and bearings.

3. The lifting lugs on the exciter box should be used for lifting. Do not use the pendulum block to lift the vibration exciter, and avoid hitting the pendulum block to prevent damage to the internal roller bearings.

4. Take out the oil dipstick that comes with the exciter to verify whether the oil quality and oil level in the exciter are appropriate.

5. During on-site installation, choose 2 suitable lifting chain hoists according to the weight marked on the nameplate of the exciter, and check that the tools and appliances are in good condition before they can be used.


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