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Shift Valve for bulldozer spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand. SHANTUI Bulldozer SD16 Shift Valve, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22 Shift Valve, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD32 Shift Valve,
HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Shift Valve,HBXG Bulldozer T140 Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer TY165 Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer TY230 Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer SD6N Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer SD8N Shift Valve, HBXG Bulldozer SD9N Shift Valve,
XCMG Bulldozer TY160 Shift Valve,XCMG Bulldozer TY230 Shift Valve,XCMG Bulldozer TY320 Shift Valve,SEM Bulldozer SEM816 Shift Valve,SEM Bulldozer SEM822 Shift Valve
LIUGONG Bulldozer B110 Shift Valve,LIUGONG Bulldozer B160 Shift Valve,LIUGONG Bulldozer B230 Shift Valve,LIUGONG Bulldozer B320 Shift Valve,PENGPU Bulldozer PD140 Shift Valve,PENGPU Bulldozer PD165 Shift Valve,PENGPU Bulldozer PD220 Shift Valve,
PENGPU Bulldozer PD320 Shift Valve, PENGPU Bulldozer PD410 Shift Valve, ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD160 Shift Valve,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD220 Shift Valve,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD230 Shift Valve, DADI Bulldozer MD32 Shift Valve, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Shift Valve, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Shift Valve, DADI Bulldozer MD16 Shift Valve

Because there are many kinds of accessories, we can't display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific accessories.



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Two common fault analysis and processing

Common Faults Variable speed control valve or valve often work in the host before delivery of the entire machine commissioning or early abnormal failure occurs when, after analysis of a large amount of feedback information and field problem of processing, overhaul of feedback analysis, found that there are the following several kinds of common failures.

(1) the valve stem and valve hole with q gap is unreasonable, too easy to cause leakage, the engine at idle speed can't afford to establish rules of pressure; Starts to make the valve stem "stuck" at work, do not hang upside or torque caused by the shape of the overflow of the required pressure to cause the torque converter pressure is too high, appear inside leaking or the pressure is too low, causing torque converter output cannot afford to wait for a phenomenon.

(2) the pressure reducing valve core, a spring and into the valve flow formed under the impact of resonance, the overflow valve pressure instability, appear pressure table playing table phenomenon, this kind of situation is mainly due to the wide core structure is not reasonable, spring, due to its improper parameter selection Therefore valve manufacturers in the factory test, simulated the host must ensure that under the condition of the working condition of simulated flow, temperature conditions, such as the test

(3) feedback dismantling bolt found within the valve parts cleanliness is poor, in the valve cavity have burr, iron filings, adhering sand and other foreign body, control valve or valve failure, the cause of the emergence of the problem lies in the vast manufacturing process, using the oil cleanliness, host work environment, such as refueling process caused by valve cleanliness is poor.

(4) the valve with the poor quality of skeleton oil seal, 0 ring, as double oil temperature of 90 ℃ or higher oil temperature, seal aging metamorphism, seal failure caused as a direct result of valve leakage.

(5) the shape of rod and suitable hole position tolerances out-of-tolerance: stem straightness, roundness and coaxial degree, roundness of holes is poorer, led directly to the valve "stuck" or at work because of the valve stem in radial runout is too large and cause in the process of push and pull the phenomenon such as skeleton oil seal failure.

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