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QSK19 Fuel Injector Engine spare parts

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Diesel injector functionOil is a kind of high pressure fuel to diesel engine combustion chamber injection device. According to different requirements of diesel engine, the high pressure oil pump to diesel oil mist, with a certain amount of injection pressure, spray fineness, fuel injection law, range and the spray cone Angle of spray into the combustion chamber a particular location, mixed with air combustion.



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The working principle of the diesel engine fuel injector


With high quality bearing steel, the reciprocal sliding cylinder clearance of only 0.001 mm to 0.0025 mm, by high precision machining and grinding matching, swap of diesel injector nozzle is different. The gap is too big, can make the injection pressure drop, spray quality variation; The gap is too small, the needle valve easily jammed. Needle valve in the middle of circular cone (pressure cone), the annular oil cavity 12 needle valve body, its effect is produced by oil pressure under axial thrust, the needle valve. Of the bottom of the needle valve cone cone (seal) to match the needle valve body, a sealed fuel injector lumen.Needle valve upper convex shoulder, when the needle valve closing, convex shoulder and the injector body bottom surface distance h for the needle valve lift, the biggest its size determines the injection volume how many, generally h 0.4 mm to 0.5 mm. Needle valve body with the injector body junction 1-2 positioning pin 8 to prevent the needle body rotation, so as not to feed. Hole misalignment.Injector work, from the high pressure diesel fuel injection pump, the tubing connector into the injector body feed on 14, 15 and oil into the needle valve body in the middle of the ring cavity 12 effect on needle valve pressure cone, the needle valve to form an upward axial thrust, once the thrust is greater than the injector pressure regulating spring 16 preloading, needle valve up immediately, open the nozzle hole 10, high pressure Diesel spray into the combustion chamber. When the fuel injection pump fuel cut-off high pressure oil pressure drops rapidly within the tao, needle valve under the effect of pressure regulating spring return in time, will orifice closed and stop the injection.Annular oil into the needle valve body cavity 12 small diesel, diesel injector nozzle is the match between the surface of the gap flow to the regulating spring, into the return pipe, flow back to filter, diesel injector nozzle is used for lubrication.Needle valve opening pressure (injection pressure) depends on the size of the pressure regulating spring pre-tightening force. Different engines have different injection pressure requirements, can be adjusted through regulating screw 17, when screwing in pressure, turn the pressure decreases.

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