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Sprocket Segment for bulldozer spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand. SHANTUI Bulldozer SD16 Sprocket Segment, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22 Sprocket Segment, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD32 Sprocket Segment,
HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Sprocket Segment,HBXG Bulldozer T140 Sprocket Segment, HBXG Bulldozer TY165 Sprocket Segment , HBXG Bulldozer TY230 Sprocket Segment, HBXG Bulldozer SD6N Sprocket Segment, HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Sprocket Segment, HBXG Bulldozer SD8N Sprocket Segment, HBXG Bulldozer SD9N Sprocket Segment,
XCMG Bulldozer TY160 Sprocket Segment,XCMG Bulldozer TY230 Sprocket Segment,XCMG Bulldozer TY320 Sprocket Segment,SEM Bulldozer SEM816 Sprocket Segment,SEM Bulldozer SEM822 Sprocket Segment
LIUGONG Bulldozer B110 Sprocket Segment,LIUGONG Bulldozer B160 Sprocket Segment,LIUGONG Bulldozer B230 Sprocket Segment,LIUGONG Bulldozer B320 Sprocket Segment,PENGPU Bulldozer PD140 Sprocket Segment,PENGPU Bulldozer PD165 Sprocket Segment,PENGPU Bulldozer PD220 Sprocket Segment,
PENGPU Bulldozer PD320 Sprocket Segment, PENGPU Bulldozer PD410 Sprocket Segment, ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD160 Sprocket Segment,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD220 Sprocket Segment,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD230 Sprocket Segment, DADI Bulldozer MD32 Sprocket Segment, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Sprocket Segment, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Sprocket Segment, DADI Bulldozer MD16 Sprocket Segment

Because there are many kinds of accessories, we can't display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific accessories.


The bulldozer drive gear block is an important part of its transmission system. For a long time, this part has been forged and processed by high-strength wear-resistant alloy structural steel, and has high requirements on the fundamentals. Most of the main engine factories in China currently use the 1980s The imported materials and manufacturing technology have a certain gap in manufacturing cost and performance compared with international ones. For this reason, we have made improvements in materials and manufacturing processes, using 35+MnB alloy structural steel and advanced semi-precision forging technology. After the improvement, the utilization rate of materials has been increased, the amount of machining has been reduced, the degree of automation of heat treatment has been improved, the performance of the product has been improved, and the cost has been reduced.



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