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Track Assemly for bulldozer spare parts

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Crawler bulldozer half shafts are usually pressed in with a force of more than 400kN and pulled out with proprietary equipment. In factories without special equipment, methods such as jacking out or oxygen blowing and boring with a boring machine are used. The process is complicated, the success rate is low, and the labor intensity is high. We have summarized a simple and easy way to disassemble and assemble. When disassembling, first remove all the parts of the side reduction gear, and then use the waste roller shell 2 without inner bearing sleeve to cover the half shaft 1, and tie a rope about 2m in length to the roller shell. Sleeve a backing plate 3 at the end of the half shaft, tighten the fixing nut 4 at the end, and the torque is not less than 0.3k?N. The two people use the rope to pull the roller shell 2 to hit the backing plate 3, thereby pulling out the half shaft 1. When assembling, tighten it on the outer end of the half shaft 1, and tighten the lock nut on the inner side of the half shaft while hitting the nut with a weight to smoothly install.


The track of the bulldozer wears quickly. After 4 500 hours of operation, the track shoe rack (referred to as the grouser, the same below) and the track pin sleeve (referred to as the pin sleeve, the same below) have reached the maintenance limit (see Table 1 and Figure 1) , It must be repaired, otherwise the work efficiency and economic benefits will be significantly reduced, and the entire assembly will be scrapped due to no repair value after severe wear. According to the wear of the track, the chain links can still be used, but the pin sleeve and grouser must be repaired. Wrap 1 standard maintenance measured code item R inch limit size nntn) fInm1 (mm) h grouser height 93.0 30 0 25 0 D village sleeve outer diameter 98 5 92.5 91 6 H chain link height 18l 0 163.0 1740 1 The pin sleeve is repaired by rotating the pin sleeve 180. After continuing to use the method. Because the track of this model is lubricated, in the process of repairing the sleeve, according to the wear of the inner diameter of the pin sleeve and the outer diameter of the pin ring 1, 1999 (11) Liu Yunchao, Zhao Hongtao, and the outer diameter, the following can be performed: (1) Wear Smaller ones with guaranteed sealing performance are still assembled as a lubricating type. (2) If the abrasion is large and the sealing performance is reduced, the oil may leak. Consider changing to a grease-filled type (that is, apply lithium-based grease on the surface of the pin shaft and the inner surface of the pin sleeve before assembling).

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